Virtual Plaza - OS(98) / Record Label


Mall Wizard – Uncharted Territories


Mall Wizard debuts on Virtual Plaza with the album “Uncharted Territories”.

Meet Eldric, an eccentric and curious gnome wizard from a forgotten era, who stumbles upon a portal and finds himself in the midst of the 21st century shopping mall. Clad in light-green flowing robes, a tall pointy white hat and wielding a mysterious pink catch net, Eldric is both awed and bewildered by the sights and sounds of the contemporary world.

His attention is quickly captured by vibrant stores and Eldric decides to conjure up some magical mischief leading to a series of hilarious and chaotic events throughout the mall. Shoppers find themselves bewildered and security try to stop Eldric at all costs!

As Eldric’s magical pranks unfold, the mall descends into a whirlwind of whimsical chaos. Security guards chase Eldric around multiple stores and store managers try to shoo him away. Amid the pandemonium, a Knight appears from the portal. The knight, unimpressed, tries to capture Eldric to bring him back to his own world for his mischief there. After being chased by the Knight, Eldric manages to get away and hides under various display tables and changing rooms.

Released: 2024
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